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How to See Who Liked Your Playlist on Spotify?

If you have got made a set of your preferred songs which can be famous and likeable, one of these

it’s miles possibly that you will get fans and likes on your list. Let’s say that you have incredible

music taste and you’re taking joy in making a group of conventional and hard rock albums, songs,

and covers and your Spotify playlists are exciting and likeable, then you are sincerely going to get followers on them.

You can make extraordinary Spotify playlist for specific track genres that the gathering of songs or albums fall underneath.

Suppose you need to include all 90s pop songs of Britney, BackStreet boys, and Mariah Carey in a listing, you may name it

“Best pops of 90s”, and here you have created an interesting list to your account. When you are making a listing,

it appears for your account, giving an concept to others as to how many pop singers were well-known again then and for which songs.

You may get a few attention for your listing and people might also love it, view it,

and probably make a listing for themselves via choosing the songs which you have installed your Spotify playlist.

When you’ve got a listing you start questioning who’s following or liking your Playlist and if there’s a way with the intention to connect to them.

Lack of Profile Details:

Although we count on Spotify to be open-minded on the subject of showing the number of fans on a Playlist.

The name of person profiles must be referred to as well so users can hook up with every different.

When  customers seem to have the same hobby in music, there is no damage in speakme about

it on a non-public degree as it may help both in exploring extra of properly singers, music and covers that they have got not found yet in my view.

Exchange of lists can be beneficial as well, but regrettably no such function can be discovered on Spotify.

One downside of the usage of this music streaming website is that you may definitely have followers on your listing

however in no way be able to view their information. Perhaps, this is being completed as a part of person’s privacy and security.

Whatever the case is, lack of this option is preventing people from socializing with every other and discussing details of music in fantastic detail.

How to See Who Liked Your Playlist on Spotify?

Depending on the device you operate for signing into Spotify you’ll be able to see who appreciated or observed your Playlist on Spotify.

I will give an explanation for it in addition as how you can do it on exclusive devices.

Checking from Phone:

Log into your Spotify account the use of your credentials.

Go on your profile segment.

Now open the person Playlist and you’ll be able to see what number of likes you’ve got there.

Under the Playlist identify you’ll be capable of see the variety of likes handiest,

but in case you click on at the likes you gained’t be able to view any details about the individuals who have preferred your Spotify Playlist.

Checking from Computer:

First log into your Spotify account from your computer, Mac computer or PC.

Go on your Spotify Profile.

Click on any Spotify Playlist, you will be capable of see an alternative followers under it.

Click at the followers and you’ll be able to see the full number of individuals who are following you.

If you click at the followers, you won’t be capable of see any info as such on how those fans/people are.

In other phrases, while you operate Spotify on smartphone it’ll show fans as like and vice versa. On Computer,

your likes are displayed as your fans. So you can either see likes or followers depending on in which you have logged into your account from.

Note: If your Spotify Playlist has 0 fans or zero likes, no number may be displayed

underneath the title of the Playlist. Meaning that you haven’t gained any followers in any respect.

Changes in Feature:

Spotify made a few important modifications proper after 2013, earlier than that year all

Spotify users were capable of see who appreciated their Playlists because the usernames might seem along side the info.

It would help the users to observe every different and song down extra of the music simply to amplify their private information approximately a particular song style.

But it changed drastically for the customers due to the fact Spotify completely eliminated that photo.

Now the customers can handiest view what number of followers they have got on their Spotify playlist and what the full like rely is.


Although almost all users are asking for Spotify to reinstate the feature that will hook up

with likeminded people on the community so one can socialize better but no updates have come via but.

Spotify denied all the requests pointing out that there are no plans yet in region now or in future to reimplement the characteristic yet.

We can anticipate that this music streaming internet site may also have its personal reasons for now not reinstating the characteristic,

perhaps it is taken into consideration a breach of person’s privacy coverage.

Whatever it is, we hope that the antique feature will be covered with better options for customers to enable them to connect with well suited song listeners at some stage in the sector.


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