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Getting instafamous: Here are 9 tips to gain more followers

Do you want to be instafamous?


Well, who doesn’t?


Many have already noticed the rampant growth of Instagram in other social networks. Displacing Snapchat in its territory after the launch of Instagram Stories, the social network is still only behind Facebook, far from losing its reign.


However, it is worth noting that Instagram has been one of the best social media for generating engagement, and getting free Instagram likes is no easy task.

1. Get to know the dynamics of Instagram and use the tool’s features to the fullest

The basis of an Instagram management aimed at growing a profile is to understand the features of Instagram to the fullest. To learn how to optimize your feed and get more results in growth, we recommend some training that can be done for your Instagram training. We have selected three courses that can suit different needs.

2. Convert your profile to a business

One of the first things you should do to become famous on Instagram is converted your profile to a professional one. To do this, simply create a Facebook Page and follow these steps to start a business profile.


In addition to bringing more professionalism to your profile, the change will allow you to create sponsored ads on Instagram. It will release statistical tools that will enable you to analyze different aspects of your profile. It’s also worth remembering that your account’s privacy setting is set to Public to make the conversion.

3. Publish constantly

While the saying “less is more” works in almost every situation, it doesn’t hold to improve your Instagram follower base. Although you shouldn’t post anything, you must have activity on your account, that is, that you post consistently, even if it’s just once a day.

4. Study the best times to post

In addition to being consistent, it is interesting to test publishing at different times and days of the week, analyzing at which times of the day your posts have greater visibility and engagement. However, it is worth remembering that, at first, it takes a lot of experimentation to reach an ideal formula.


Don’t believe in “miraculous times” to publish or anything like that. Each profile and market niche has an audience that behaves differently and at different times.

5. Choose a niche

Unlike traditional businesses such as markets, shopping malls, and the like, having an internet business – even becoming famous on Instagram – requires you to study and create content for a specific niche. Niche examples: pet caretakers, healthy eating, computer games, etc.

6. Research the top hashtags in your niche

Now that you’ve defined your place, it’s time to search for hashtags! They are the primary way to explore and interact with Instagram content; they are essential to your business.


To find out which are the best hashtags to get famous on Instagram, search the social network for the main terms related to your niche, checking their popularity, and building your base of hashtags to be included in posts.

7. Reply to your followers!

Even producing content consistently and attracting the attention of your niche, remember that social media is not a single channel of communication. So don’t ignore comments and direct messages from your followers, whether they’re praise or complaints.

8. Use and abuse of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are essential on your path to becoming famous on Instagram. Located in a bar that is above the platform’s own feed, their access is very easy, in addition to being ordered by the time of publication. That is, if you constantly create Stories, you increase your chances of being one of the first Stories options in your audience’s feed.


Another great advantage of the format is the almost infinite number of possibilities within Stories. With various stickers, filters and styles of photos and videos, you can use all your creativity and authenticity when creating content. Learn everything you need to know about Instagram Stories by going to the article.

9. Don’t forget about the live streams!

Instagram lives share a big advantage with Stories: they are also shown in the story bar! Also, whenever you start a live stream, Instagram will send a notification to all your followers, allowing them to quickly access it and start viewing your content.


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