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What you need to know about Italy’s presidential vote – ​Voting next week


What you need to know about Italy’s presidential vote – ​Voting next week | The Economic Times

Italy’s parliament starts voting next week for a new president. The process could take several days.


​7-year term
The president is elected for a seven-year term by an electoral college that this year includes 1,008 people. It is made up of members of the two chambers of parliament — 630 MPs and 320 senators — plus 58 delegates of Italy’s regions.

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​Secret ballot
In the first three rounds of voting, the winner must secure at least a two-thirds majority. From the fourth round, an absolute majority (505) is enough.Ballots are cast in secret and in person. Voters must also show proof of Covid-19 vaccination, recent infection or a negative test.


​Head of state
The president is head of state and upholds the constitution of Italy. Key roles include naming the prime minister and, on the latter’s advice, government ministers. The president has the power to dissolve parliament, in consultation with the speakers, and ask it to reconsider legislation.

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​Who is eligible
The president also appoints one third of members of the constitutional court and has the right to pardon. Under the constitution, anyone with Italian citizenship who is 50 or older is eligible, and there is no formal candidate list.




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